Models and Fees

I charge a sliding scale of $100-$400/month depending on how you answer the following:
  • Do you want to do our coaching sessions over the phone or do you hope to meet in person? Talking by phone is the least expensive model since it does not involve transportation, but some clients prefer to meet in person. Most sessions last 45-minutes to 1 hour.
  • How much time do you want to commit to working together each month? Some clients like the momentum that is built through weekly coaching sessions, others prefer a twice-a-month model.

  • What can you afford? Coaching is an investment you are making in your personal growth. What feels like a reasonable stretch to you?

I am interested in creating a personalized model and fee structure that will work for you. I am open to different ideas. You'd like coaching conversations to happen while we run around Green Lake or walk in Discovery Park, I'm in. You'd prefer to work in larger chunks of time over the weekend, I can accomodate that. Think about what would work best for your schedule and goals.

Billing and Payment

I bill the first of the month for the upcoming month's work. I invoice with PayPal via email. You can pay with a credit card, account transfer, or check.