Collaborate and Mediate, LLC
Kathryn Malý

I am not currently doing mediation or facilitation work. You can search for a certified mediator in your area on the Washington Mediation Association website. Or you can find your county's local Dispute Resolution Center on the Resolution Washington website, along with general information about mediation. 

During the pandemic, I pivoted my focus to help my community address the affordable housing crisis. You can find eviction prevention resources to help with rental assistance, legal aid and mediation on the Housing Solutions Network website.

Previously, I've worked with families, students, groups and individuals in a variety of supportive roles. I've served as as a mediator, coach, consultant, and educator.

I've mediated

Through mediation, I help people listen to each other's perspectives, examine misunderstandings, explore options, negotiate solutions, and create durable agreements.

I am a certified mediator through the Washington Mediation Association (WMA) and a graduate of the King County Dispute Resolution Center's rigorous 16-month mediation practicum program. I have mediated 125 cases since 2012. 

You can also search for a certified mediator in your area on the Washington Mediation Association website.