Collaborate and Mediate

Kathryn Malý

I help people navigate challenging conversations with integrity.

I work with families, students, groups and individuals in a variety of supportive roles. I serve as as a mediator, coach, consultant, and educator.

I am particularly interested in helping people grapple with educational challenges, social justice issues, shifting family dynamics, health care needs and end-of-life planning. 

I've mediated

Through mediation, I help people listen to each other's perspectives, examine misunderstandings, explore options, negotiate solutions, and create durable agreements.

I am a certified mediator through the Washington Mediation Association (WMA) and a graduate of the King County Dispute Resolution Center's rigorous 16-month mediation practicum program. I have mediated 120 cases since 2012. 

If you have a challenge that you would like to consider resolving through mediation, I would love to discuss the process with you. 

You can also search for a certified mediator in your area on the Washington Mediation Association's website.