Models and Fees

I charge a sliding scale of $30-$80/hour depending on what clients can afford, how much time they can commit to, whether they work in high-poverty public schools, and what kind of collaborative relationship they want to design. 

I am interested in creating a personalized model and fee structure that will work for you. Here are some sample models that I have designed with clients:

Twice a Month Coaching by Phone

  • Two 45-minute to 1-hour phone conversations
  • Follow-up email and quick phone conversations, as needed

Ramping Up for the School Year

21 hours of collaboration time in August-October, averaging 7 hours per month

  • 3 hours: strategy and planning session
  • 3 hours: classroom set up and thinking about teaching routines
  • 3 hours: creating a sustainable schedule that honors your energy and promotes work / life balance
  • 6 hours of observation (2-3 sessions)
  • 6 hours for observation debrief and strategy (2-3 sessions)
  • Follow-up email and quick phone conversations, as needed

Regular In-Person Collaboration

8 hours per month

  • Weekly 2-hour sessions, in-person
  • Follow-up email and quick phone conversations, as needed

Billing and Payment
I bill the first of the month for the upcoming month's work. I invoice with PayPal via email. You can pay with a credit card, account transfer, or check.