Teacher Collaboration Interests

My clients have expressed the following goals for collaboration. What might interest you?

I would like support with work / life balance and with creating healthy boundaries.

I would like help clarifying my values and setting personal and professional goals that are in alignment with my values.

I would like help taking a look at all of the different things I am juggling and then prioritizing them in a way that is in alignment with my values, my gifts, and my energy resources.

I would like someone to keep reflecting my values and goals back to me to help me stay on track, help me be accountable, and help me see my progress.

I would like help creating some systems in my classroom or in my life to help me be more organized and efficient.

I would like help creating, reflecting on, and revising my schedule so that it is sustainable and honors my emotional and physical energy needs.

I would like help designing some data collection systems that will help me paint a data picture that is more aligned with what I am teaching in class (in contrast to MAP).

I would like help thinking about screening tools or checklists I could use to help quickly identify kids I’ll want to keep an eye on and for whom I'll want to design interventions.

I would like someone to observe me working with students to give me some perspective on my practice (curriculum, management, student behavior, assessment, interventions, classroom space, energy flow).

I would like someone with whom I can discuss, gain some perspective, and brainstorm solutions to challenges.

I would like someone to help me research different curriculum resources or strategies to address specific questions.

I would like someone to help mediate challenges I am having with families or colleagues.

I would like support with physical health goals—nutrition, fitness, rest and rejuvenation.